Welcome to Grove!

Portal/Terms Page

Use a portal page to have users agree to your Terms of Service, enter an access code, or view your advertisement page.

Voucher Access

Vouchers enable Internet access per guest during a period of time, for free or a fee. 750 printed vouchers included!

24/7 Monitoring & Maintenance

We automatically monitor your connection and equipment to prevent and detect and problems.

Guest Bandwidth Limits

One abusive user might ruin Internet access for everybody. With bandwidth limits, keep you connection fair and available.

Advertising Platform

Make a return on your guest WiFi. Every guest must view your custom advertisement page on producs and services you offer..

Content Filtering

Filtering stops users from P2P, illegal file sharing, obscene or distasteful websites. Great for schools, libraries and churches.

Tired of having to reset guest Wifi? Ready for a piece of mind? Get a NetPortal now!